The Ontario Food Terminal: A Unique Asset in the Central Ontario Economy

The Ontario Food Terminal is a unique asset, not just in the Toronto region, but in Canada. It plays a central role in the food industry, which is one of the major manufacturing sectors in central Ontario, and supports grocery stores, restaurants, caterers, and florists in eastern Canada and in some American states. Yet the Terminal is facing challenges. This report was written to explain the importance of the Food Terminal in the local and provincial economy, identify and analyze threats to the Terminal, and suggests ways to ensure the survival and growth of this important resource.



Research Report


June 2004


Neptis Foundation

Written by:

Philippa Campsie Research

Contribution from:

Ryan Austin
Elise Gatti
Brent Gilmour
Susanna Klopfer
Ryan Mino
Kyle Munro
Shalin Yeboah