CUI’s Board of Directors is made up of multidisciplinary community leaders and city builders with decades of on-the-ground experience building resilient Canadian cities. Our Board plays a crucial role in shaping the strategic direction of CUI and ensuring that are building a resilient, inclusive and just urban future from coast to coast to coast, alongside our collaborators, partners and stakeholders.

Cameron Charlebois, Chair


Cynthia Dorrington, Vice Chair

Strategic Consultant and President, Vale & Associates

Anneke Smit

Director and Associate Professor, Centre of Cities, Faculty of Law, University of Windsor

Ilona Larionova

Legal Counsel, Ontario Securities Commission

Judy Farvolden


Juvarya Veltkamp

Senior Advisor, C40 Cities Climate Leadership Group Inc., Green Ports Forum

Steve DeRoy

Director, TUS Team Co-Lead, Mapping Team Lead, Indigenous Planning Lead