Bring Back Main Street: Block Studies

These Block Reports were developed based on conversations with BIAs and local business owners and using a variety of data points. They uncover some trends, while also revealing where more data and analysis is needed to understand some of the nuanced findings. Some of the key findings include:

  • Strong local economies, and connections to the community are helping businesses through COVID-19

  • Main streets and businesses that cater to local residential populations are seeing advantages

  • Main streets that were struggling with vacancy and rising rents pre-COVID may be at higher risk

  • The business community is digging deep and finding innovative ways to adapt, but some are falling behind

  • There is a need for creative ways to finance small businesses and support recovery

  • Filling vacant storefronts and animating main streets will be a necessary for main street recovery

  • Local business organizations are critical to the recovery and resilience of main streets



Research Report


August 2020