Calgary Transforms

Our CUI x Local series shines a spotlight on local responses to some of the most pressing challenges in Canada’s large urban
regions. In collaboration with city leaders, we’re connecting with cities across Canada to seek out the very best ideas that can
inform and be adapted by city builders across the country. And what we’re seeing are solutions that demonstrate creative,
sometimes risky, yet ever-inspiring approaches that haven’t received enough national attention — yet.

Calgary Transforms summarizes what Calgarians told us is happening in their city today. We heard diverse perspectives
on what it’s like to live there, what people are concerned about, how they view the city and its organizations and how many are coping with and driving positive change. People from the arts, academia, business and industry, community agencies and many other sectors told us what they see as their successes, where they think needs more work and what their hopes are for a post-pandemic future.

Join us on our cross-Canada tour for inspiring stories, actions and innovation, as we learn how Canadian cities are addressing local challenges today and planning for a greater urban future.



Research Report


June 2021