CUI x Calgary


CUI x Calgary was a week-long virtual residency to learn about local issues facing Calgary, and connect the dots across urban Canada. We spent the week listening to and learning from local stakeholders on their most pressing challenges, and surfacing examples of innovative and locally-driven solutions.

About CUI x Local

CUI x Local is a virtual listening tour to gather interpretations, data, assessments, priorities, bright spots and stories from on-the-ground voices to help deepen our collective understanding of the interconnected and interdependent issues facing urban Canada.

Alongside local partners, we are organizing week-long residencies involving a combination of public and invitation-only meetings and activities.

By looking at local issues and connecting them nationally, CUI x Local will strengthen the connective tissue within and across communities from coast to coast to coast.

From December 7 – December 11 2020, CUI visited Calgary, where we met with leaders across the board on challenges the city is facing, and how they’re responding to them.

Community Spotlights

Here are some of Calgary’s bright spots, local organizations and leaders from Calgary:
  • Is kitsii gome, 7 Brothers Circle is a community-driven collective that brings together 25 different groups working together to meet the basic needs, mental health and spiritual concerns of First Nations, Métis and Inuit people.
  • Horizon Housing has purchased the Elan Hotel in Calgary for conversion to affordable housing units. The downturn in travel and hotel bookings represent potential adaptive reuse solutions for cities to scale the development of housing solutions.


CUI is working closely with local partners including community foundations, chambers of commerce, cultural councils, media outlets, all levels of government, educational institutions, libraries, cultural and civil society leaders, economic development authorities, key business leaders and employer groups, community sector representatives, housing authorities, activists and resident advocates, professional associations, the development community.

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Lisa Cavicchia
Program Director