Quantifying the Value of Canadian Downtowns: A Research Toolkit

This toolkit is a ground-breaking effort to provide a downtown data standard, a common set of data and processes that will help Canadian place management organizations, such as BIAs/BIDs, establish and sustain evaluation and compare progress among downtowns. While this toolkit is geared towards Canadian downtowns, it also is of value for urban districts outside of Canada who are looking to move toward data standardization and data best practices. In the toolkit, organizations will find directions and insights on collecting, organizing, storing, and presenting downtown-specific data to make the case for continued investment and support.



Toolkit / Guide


September 2017


Canadian Urban Institute
Downtown Victoria BIA (DVBA)
Downtown Saskatoon BIA (DTNYXE)
Downtown London BIA
Yonge Street BIA in Toronto
Downtown Halifax BIA