Guide des options de politique municipale pour l'éclairage extérieur avancé

This report looks at the use of advanced lighting technologies in Ann Arbor, Michigan; Los Angeles, California; Toronto and Ottawa, Ontario; and Vancouver, British Columbia. All these cities have started to use LEDs in municipal streetlights and traffic lights and three have introduced adaptive technologies for municipal lighting. The report concludes with 14 actions that municipalities can take to promote the use of energy-saving lighting technologies, from using pilot projects to demonstrate the benefits and win public acceptance to developing comprehensive lighting policies that promote greater uptake of the technologies.



Rapport de recherche


April 2011

Équipe de recherche:

Brent Gilmour, MCIP RPP, Vice President, Urban Solutions
Simon Geraghty, Senior Engineering Researcher
Katherine Morton, Senior Economic Research Planner
Christine Carr, Planner

Avec les contributions de:
John Warren, P.Eng. Senior Associate, Senior Engineer, Urban Solutions
Aurelie Petitjean, Engineering Research Associate
Philippa Campsie, Hammersmith Communications