Town of Halton Hills Climate Adaptation Plan

The Climate Change Adaptation Plan (CCAP) has been developed to address the physical, economic, social, and ecological impacts of climate change, expected for the Town of Halton Hills in the next 30 years.

The CCAP was informed by three key background studies:

  • Key Climate Indicators Report
    • To examine climate models to understand future local impacts of climate change expected in the next 30 years
  • Facilities Vulnerability Assessment
    • To undertake a risk assessment on Town facilities to evaluate their ability to withstand the impacts of climate change
  • Geospatial Natural Capital Assessment
    • To understand vulnerability of the Town’s natural assets to climate change





September 2020


Town of Halton Hills

Consulting Team:

Jeff Evenson, Senior Advisor, Canadian Urban Institute
Ariana Holt, Senior Planner, Canadian Urban Institute
Alexandra McDonough, Senior Planner, Canadian Urban Institute
Grant Kauffman, Vice-President, Ontario Region Senior Planning Ecologist, LGL
William Phillips, Consultant, Infrastructure Advisory, Mott MacDonald
Dave Van Rensburg, Senior Vice President, Mott MacDonald
Meiring Byers, Director, Co-founder, Klimatt
Michael Roth, Director, Co-founder, Klimatt
Mariko Uda, Civil Engineering Assistant, Rivercourt Engineering
Greg Allan, Senior Associate, Rivercourt Engineering
Kevin Best, Managing Director, Rivercourt Engineering