Mississauga Living Green Master Plan

The Living Green Master Plan (LGMP) is Mississauga’s first environmental master plan. It is primarily a document to prioritize City policies and programs into actions to meet the environmental objectives of the Strategic Plan. It identifies 49 actions for the City and its partners to implement over the next 10 years.



Strategy / Policy Framework


January 2012


City of Mississauga

Consulting Team:

Canadian Urban Institute
Jeff Evenson
Brent Gilmour
Nicole Swerhun
Katherine Morton
Alexandra McDonough
John Warren
Gregory Allan

In association with:
LGL – Grant Kaufman
Senes – Donald Gorber, Talar Sahsuvaroglu
BA Group – Ralph Bond
Enermodal – Stephen Carpenter, Kris Urban
International Centre for Sustainable Cities – Andrew Plunkett