Greater Toronto: Region in Transition

This study tackles the problem of connecting the way people live and work to a new way of planning the Region. In the next 30 years, the GTA is expected to create one million additional jobs, most of which will be housed in buildings that have not yet been built. The quality of life for those one million workers will be dramatically impacted by where those buildings are built and the transit and road improvement decisions we make now. Getting it right is the focus of the solutions presented in this ground breaking work.



Research Report


January 2013

Authors and Researchers:

Iain Dobson, Real Estate Search Corporation,
Glenn Miller, FCIP, RPP, Vice President, Canadian Urban Institute
Katherine Morton, MCIP, RPP, Senior Planner, Canadian Urban Institute
Yousaf Shah, Planning Assistant and Researcher, Canadian Urban Institute
Charissa Jattan, Planning Assistant and Researcher, Education and Research
Kailey Lamont, Planning Assistant and Researcher, Education and Research