Allison Ashcroft

Regional Lead, Victoria

Allison works at the city scale in the field of sustainability. She is recognized for her knowledge and experience working on climate action and sustainability with local governments, and formerly within local government, as the Climate Action Program manager at the City of Victoria from 2009 – 2015.

Since 2015, as managing director and co-creator of the Canadian Urban Sustainability Practitioners (CUSP) network, Allison has doubled down on her commitment to growing the value and potential of peer networks. She is relentless in her belief that the best ‘consultant’ to sustainability practitioners is the peer who is successfully advancing the same game-changing initiative within a common context and regulatory environment. Networks which connect and nurture relationships, between and across people and organizations, are critical to achieving transformative change to the most complex and far-reaching human-caused failures – climate change and inequality.

Allison’s work on behalf of the CUSP network is focused on systems change and partnership building; research on emergent issues; data visualization at the nexus of climate and equity; and, as a CPA in a previous ‘life’ advancing innovations in finance.