Mobility as a Service (MaaS)

MaaS is an integrated platform for transportation services. It combines multiple modes including public transit, taxis, ride-hailing, scooter, bike, and car sharing, and sometimes even parking fees and road tolls on one easy-to-use navigation and payment app

Conducted in partnership with AECOM, this report explores the MaaS concept through best practice research, engagement with international and local stakeholders, and analysis of regional conditions to understand its desirability and feasibility in the Greater Toronto Area (GTA). Based on our findings, MaaS shows promise in its ability to support better mobility access, but such an outcome is dependent on the way it is implemented.

While the benefits of MaaS are clear, our key takeaway is the need for a convening body to bring together all municipalities, the province, private operators, non-profit community organizations, and diversity groups to align goals towards MaaS acceptance, application, implementation, and iteration. We outline a framework to serve as a starting point to further the conversion around MaaS in the GTA.



Research Report


July 2023