Halifax Evolves

Halifax Evolves profiles the contributions of people, organizations, and projects working to generate economic activity, support cultural inclusivity, and boost social connectivity in the Halifax Region.

CUI worked in collaboration with Build Nova Scotia, Halifax Partnership and Halifax Public Libraries along with dozens of local organizations and leaders to highlight the city’s and region’s aspirations for a vibrant future. Major themes of the report include:

  • Halifax’s spirit of innovation and entrepreneurship helps attract and retain talent.
  • The tremendous population growth across the Halifax Regional Municipality (HRM) that has increased opportunities for employment and development, but also exacerbated the challenges faced by vulnerable populations and historically marginalized communities.
  • Improving the connections—both physical and social—between the HRM’s distinct communities to foster more equitable participation in future waves of economic prosperity.
  • Community-led strategies and actions that are driving inclusive economic opportunities.

Halifax Evolves features the key learnings from CUI x Halifax from virtual and in-person residencies held in September 2021 and May 2022 and on-going engagement in 2023. Halifax Evolves in the sixth in a series of such reports through CUI’s CUI x local program.



Research Report


September 2023