Résumé du symposium: Briser les barrières, renforcer la confiance: faire travailler les personnes de taille moyenne en Ontario

On December 8, 2009, a range of midrise development stakeholders met in Mississauga to identify province-wide challenges and work towards solutions. Participants identified a set of strategic directions that governments, communities, architects, developers, and builders could adopt to help accelerate public and institutional acceptance, and improve economic feasibility of midrise projects. In this document, midrise issues and strategic directions are explored though three main foci: challenging assumptions, breaking policy barriers, and building confidence.



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February 2010


Glenn R. Miller, Vice President, Education & Research, FCIP, RPP Mia A. Hunt, Associate, BFA, MScPl Iain D. C. Myrans, Senior Planner, Policy, BA (Hons.), BURPl

Les partenaires:

City of Burlington
City of Ottawa
City of Mississauga
Niagara Region
City of London
Quadrangle Architects