CUI x Edmonton


CUI x Edmonton was a week-long virtual residency to learn about local issues facing Edmonton, and connect the dots across urban Canada. We spent the week listening to and learning from local stakeholders on their most pressing challenges, and surfacing examples of innovative and locally-driven solutions.

About CUI x Local

CUI x Local est une tournée d'écoute virtuelle visant à recueillir des interprétations, des données, des évaluations, des priorités, des points positifs et des récits de personnes présentes sur le terrain afin d'approfondir notre compréhension collective des problèmes interconnectés et interdépendants auxquels est confronté le Canada urbain.

Avec des partenaires locaux, nous organisons des résidences d'une semaine comprenant une combinaison de réunions et d'activités publiques et sur invitation.

En examinant les problèmes locaux et en les reliant au niveau national, CUI x Local renforcera le tissu conjonctif au sein des communautés et entre elles, d'un océan à l'autre.

From November 30 – December 4 2020, CUI visited Edmonton, where we met with leaders across the board on challenges the city is facing, and how they’re responding to them.

Community Spotlights

Here are some of Calgary’s bright spots, local organizations and leaders from Edmonton:
  • The Downtown Edmonton BIA has put together a series of self-guided tours for discovering the stories behind the city’s art and buildings, while taking in the sights of Downtown along the way.
  • Indigenous Canada is an open online course from the University of Alberta’s Faculty of Native Studies that explores Indigenous histories and contemporary issues in Canada.
  • Startup TNT is a community of entrepreneurs, scientists, investors, innovators and startup supporters that gathers every week to have fun, share stories and improve access to capital for early-stage tech companies.
  • The City of Edmonton has curated a set of resources to keep residents safe and connected with community during COVID-19. The toolkit features opportunities for digital engagement with city hall, museums, and libraries, and active transportation ideas to take advantage of Edmonton’s trails and parks.
  • Taproot Edmonton is a source of curiosity-driven stories about Edmonton, cultivated by the community. It is made up of a collective of journalists and writers striving to share stories that are sustainable and responsive to community needs.


CUI is working closely with local partners including community foundations, chambers of commerce, cultural councils, media outlets, all levels of government, educational institutions, libraries, cultural and civil society leaders, economic development authorities, key business leaders and employer groups, community sector representatives, housing authorities, activists and resident advocates, professional associations, the development community.

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Lisa Cavicchia
Program Director