A Municipal Comparison of Affordable Housing and Homelessness Delivery: Profiles across 11 Canadian city regions

Governments across Canada are responding to the housing crisis. At the municipal level, affordable housing and homelessness often stretch the limits of urban finance and responsibilities.

This technical report provides a scan of the ways eleven Canadian cities and urban regions structure their responses to affordable housing and to homelessness. Selected jurisdictions are Victoria, Vancouver, Edmonton, Calgary, Saskatoon, Winnipeg, Peel Region, Toronto, Ottawa, Montreal and the Halifax Region. This data was collected from public sources and, where possible, verified through interviews during 2021.

The report provides individual profiles of each of the cities and regions selected, including organizational charts, budget, and program information. While legislative frameworks make direct comparisons difficult, the report provides insight into the variation and breadth of ways Canadian municipalities are responding to the housing challenges at their doorsteps.



Research Report


October 1 2021