Compétitivité des entreprises dans la région du Grand Toronto : pourquoi Toronto perd du terrain

There are many wonderful things happening in Toronto, but commercial office development is not one of them. This report, commissioned by the Toronto Office Coalition, which represents the interests of owners and tenants that account for the majority of Class A office space in the City, provides an analysis of the impact that current tax inequities between Toronto and the surrounding 905 have on the competitiveness of offices in Toronto.


Type :

Rapport de recherche

Date :

June 2005

Partenaires :

Toronto Office Coalition

Équipe de recherche :

Canadian Urban Institute:
Glenn R. Miller, FCIP, RPP
Brent Gilmour, M.Sc.Pl.
Philippa Campsie, M.Sc.Pl.

Hammersmith Communications:
Aaron Heppleston, BA (Hon.), University of Toronto

Harris Consulting Inc:
Gordon Harris, MCIP, Principal
Jonathan Tinney, M.Sc.Pl.