Live City Check-In—One-on-one with Toronto Mayor John Tory

In this candid conversation with Toronto Mayor John Tory, find out how his city is dealing with the challenges of COVID-19 and what the short, medium and long-term impacts on the city could look like.

5 Key

A roundup of the most compelling ideas, themes and quotes from this candid conversation

1. Vulnerable populations are disproportionately impacted by COVID-19 

COVID-19 has exacerbated existing challenges, with racialized and marginalized populations disproportionately impacted. By taking measures to address the public health challenges faced by vulnerable populations, cities can develop new programs and systems that will benefit everyone 

2. Three urban challenges that we can’t go back on 

The pandemic has resulted in fundamental changes for the delivery of childcare, transportation, and support for local businessesWe cannot return to previous approaches to service provision. How do we continue to meet resident expectations and adapt these critical services in a postpandemic world? 

3. In order to make change, cities need more financial autonomy 

Robust municipal responses to the crisis require significant changes to municipal financeCities like Toronto need greater autonomy to generate needed revenues 

4. The pandemic has given Toronto permission to experiment 

During this time, there has been a boost in public confidence in local government and the public mandate to drive responsive changes to City supports and services. This has enabled the City to move through policy development and implementation far more rapidly than was possible in the past.  

5. We need to be prepared for the second wave  

The City of Toronto has taken a pragmatic approach to responding to the crisis, based on recommendations from the Medical Officer of Health. By learning from how we responded during this time, the City will be better able to mitigate future waves