CityTalk Podcast: The COVID Dividend Pt.1


Welcome to a fresh look at our urban future, brought to you by the Canadian Urban Institute (CUI). CityTalk: The Podcast explores what’s working, what’s not and what’s next for Canada’s cities.


Hosted by CUI president and ‘lead talker’ Mary W. Rowe, this program series begins with two episodes devoted to The COVID Dividend i.e. the core learning gleaned by civic officials, urban planners, community organizations and other key stakeholders during the pandemic; these takeaways offer an essential primer on the best steps forward in addressing the challenges shared by cities across Canada and beyond.


Joining Mary are Kate Graham (Colliers, London, ON), Alicia John-Baptiste (SPUR, San Francisco); Peter Sloly (CUI Fellow, Ottawa); Graham Singh (Trinity Foundation, Montreal) and Bruce Katz (Drexel University, Washington, D.C.).