CityTalk Podcast: The Case for Conversions


In the evolving post-pandemic economy, topping every city’s ‘what’s next’ list is a strategy to revitalize downtown by converting half-empty or vacant office space into multi-use buildings that can include housing. CUI has been researching the challenges and possibilites across Canada, and recently released a comprehensive report and ‘toolkit’ to support those strategies.


In this episode. host Mary W. Rowe introduces the key findings of The Case for Conversions report, and discussed it with its participants and reviewers, including Steven Paynter (Gensler Architecture, Calgary, AB); Joe Nickerson (Sidewalk Real Estate, Halifax, NS); Melissa Román Burch (EDC, NYC); and Tracey Hadden Loh (Brookings Institute, Washington, D.C).


The report is available for free download here