Glenn R. Miller (He/Him)

Senior Associate

Since stepping back from a leadership role at the Canadian Urban Institute, Glenn is delighted to continue contributing to CUI as a Senior Associate. He does this by researching and writing about topics that he is passionate about, such as aging (“Suburbs are No Place to Grow Old”), food security (“The Ontario Food Terminal: A Priceless Hub in Ontario’s Food Value Chain”), and “Deep Lake Water Cooling: Toronto’s Miracle on the Waterfront” – with Gillian Mason), as well as contributing to CUI’s Bring Back Main Street program. Glenn also provides advice to the Strategic Regional Research Alliance (SRRA), which is focused on the impact of remote work on the regional economy.

A graduate of Concordia (Urban Studies) and McGill University (Urban Planning), Glenn has taught planning at Toronto Metropolitan University, Seneca College and the University of Waterloo (Planner in Residence, 2012). He was the founding editor of the Ontario Planning Journal (1986-2011) and served on the Editorial Committee of Plan Canada (2017-2022).