AllAccess Toolkit

This Toolkit is as a collection of resources to be used by planners, landscape architects, architects, designers, and others working with the Design of Public Spaces Standards (DOPS) of the Acccessibility for Ontarians with Disabilities Act (AODA). It has been designed as a set of individual tools and resources for practitioners to support their understanding and application of the DoPS Standard.

Our work on AllAccess revealed some common needs, challenges and questions with respect to DoPS. The Toolkit aims to address a range of these commonly articulated challenges and to support successful implementation of the Standard.

The AllAccess Summary Report identifies recommendations for future areas of exploration and outreach to support the important role of DoPS. The Toolkit includes the following resources:
1. DoPS Scope Overview: An at-a-glance overview of what is within scope of DoPS and what is out of scope. It also addresses some common misconceptions about what is covered by the Standard and how to interpret DoPS.
2. Technical and Consultation Requirements Summary: An at-a-glance summary of which sections of DoPS have technical and/or consultation requirements.
3. Parking Summary: A resource sheet to support the understanding and application of the Accessible Parking section of DoPS. It provides direction on how to calculate the number of spaces required and some examples.
4. Requirements Summary: A summary handbook of all the requirements of DoPS organized by section. It includes a list of considerations, requirements and corresponding DoPS regulation section references organized in a table for ease of reference.
5. Site Plan Visualization of DoPS and OBC Scope: A visual representation of the areas that fall within the scope of DoPS versus the Ontario Building Code (OBC) to provide clarity about which regulation to follow in different circumstances.
6. AllAccess Bookmark: A handy resource showing DoPS in the context of other relevant accessibility standards and regulations.
7. Best Practices for Implementing DoPS: Five key areas of best practice that emerged based on practitioners’ experiences working with DoPS.
8. Self-guided DoPS in Practice Presentation: A self-guided presentation to support understanding and applying the Design of Public Spaces Standard. It covers the AODA and DoPS in context, what is covered by DoPS and the technical and consultation requirements of the Standard.



Toolkit / Guide


March 2018