CUI x Halifax


Following the Art of City Building international conference on Monday, September 20, the Canadian Urban Institute will stay in Halifax for the CUI x Local program, Tuesday, September 21 – Friday, September 24. This four day series of meetings will convene local stakeholders to explore local city-building more deeply.
CUI x Halifax will create the opportunity for diverse sectors of the city to come together and to generate possibilities for a shared future. Over the course of the full week, we will meet with local actors to discover what’s working, what’s not, and what’s next in the city region.

About CUI x Local

Through CUIxLocal, CUI is connecting with cities across Canada to gather interpretations, data, assessments, priorities, bright spots, and stories from on-the-ground voices to help deepen our collective understanding of the interconnected and interdependent issues facing urban Canada.

From September 21-24, 2021, we will be in Halifax, Nova Scotia, meeting with a cross-section of individuals and organizations on challenges the city is facing, and how they’re responding to them.

The conversations are shaped around the following foundational themes:

  • Equity: Centering Indigenous and Black experiences
  • Well-being: Community, Connections and Environment
  • Land: Planning, building, and making spaces where we live
  • Economy: Inclusive Innovation Ecosystems in our city

Invitees will come from a broad range of backgrounds. We are hoping a few sessions, mainly in the evenings, will be public and/or online.

Stay tuned for the week’s events, social media, and final report!



CUI is co-hosting this event with Develop Nova Scotia and Inspiring Communities

For more information

Lisa Cavicchia
Program Director