How is the COVID-19 pandemic transforming young people’s lives and experiences?

Joining CUI host Mary W. Rowe for our ongoing series of candid conversations – How is the COVID-19 pandemic transforming young people’s lives and experiences? – are Josh Fullan, Maximum City; Joe Salmon, UBC Class of 2024;  Zoë Bennett, Youth Advocate; Jordan Bighorn, Community Education Development Association (CEDA); and Miatta Dukuly, Youth Advocate. 

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12:16:26 From Abigail Slater (SCT): Did this group see a vast difference in access to technology among their schools and friends? 

12:16:47 From Salman Faruqi: How did your assignments/school work change since the pandemic started (e.g. more open book work)? 

12:20:59 From Patricia Lewis: My son just took an online class in computer science and loved it. Learned new things every day. This wasn’t offered as a result of COVID. It was a standard summer school offering through our school board. Worked perfectly. 1.5 hours of live lectures each morning and then remainder of day to do assignments. Wish all online learning could be this effective.  

12:22:14 From Purshottama Reddy: The point of technology is important – access and also the capacity to manage the technology. Were there challenges in this regard ?  

12:31:26 From Patricia Lewis: NYTimes did a great article on a proposed plan for return to school. Have schools (and other community spaces) open for students who need access to tech or who do not have reliable internet, or for those with particular learning needs. These spaces would not be for instruction, but rather to help students access what they need. Spaces could be administered by univ/college students (or other) and could also provide spaces for counselling, etc. Perhaps this model could be used to accommodate some of the social programs or extracurricular activities that are significant part of school life for many students.  

12:31:53 From sebastien pentland-hyde to All panelists: In montreal playgrounds are open. It’s not about density it’s about policy. covid was under control in denser countries like Korea. 

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12:34:32 From Zoë Mager: Do the panelists think it would feel safer to have more parks and public space in cities for everyone to enjoy and move around outside with lots of space? 

12:35:57 From Abigail Slater (SCT): We can hear you. 

12:36:03 From Zoë Mager: We have a bunch of streets closed in Winnipeg! 1 block for cars rule. 

12:37:04 From Abigail Slater (SCT): Are students or student leaders being consulted on the (at the moment no planning)…planning process for returning to school? I wonder if middle or high school students are part of the consultation? 

12:38:42 From Caroline Poole, CUI Staff: Today’s panelists are: 


Miatta Dukuly, a 16y/o from Winnipeg, MB 


Joe Salmon, a 16y/o from Vancouver, BC 


Zoë Bennett, a 12y/o from Toronto, ON 


Jordan Bighorn from the Community Education Development Association 


Josh Fullan, Director of Maximum City 

12:40:49 From Lisa Heggum: Yes to outside classrooms! 

12:41:35 From Rick Merrill to All panelists: The Oshawa Institute of Technology held an entire term in tents. 

12:41:35 From Caroline Poole, CUI Staff: Learn more about Jordan’s and Josh’s work here: 

Jordan Bighorn:  

Josh Fullan: 

12:45:26 From Abigail Slater (SCT): As previous panels have said, we have to get women/families back to work and need childcare. 

12:45:48 From Patricia Lewis: Yes, to collective responsibility! 

12:46:42 From Kimberly Trusty: Yes to centre-ing youth ideation and decision making! 

12:47:45 From Abigail Slater (SCT): Thanks @Canurb for asking! 

12:48:08 From stephanie watt: municipalities clearly have a role to play!  

12:49:27 From Patricia Lewis: Experiential learning opportunities are everywhere in our communities. When I was a kid we used to take advantage of everything our communities offered. Somewhere along the way we moved away from this because of liability excuses, etc.  

12:49:37 From Irena Kohn: frozen 

12:49:56 From Abigail Slater (SCT): Let Mary know you are asking! It does not go silent when she does! 

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12:52:42 From stephanie watt: I see connections to be made between the CUI, Maximum City and the CCRC (Canadian Coalition for the Rights of Children)!  

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12:55:43 From Abigail Slater (SCT): Thank you for this conversation and for finding such a range of young leaders. 

12:55:49 From Josh Fullan to All panelists: And if you are young person who wants to tlak aobut what you are going through during covid, please do 

12:56:08 From Josh Fullan to All panelists: We have heard that talking helps folks feel better 

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12:56:59 From Zoë Mager: Yes! 

12:57:13 From Abigail Slater (SCT): yes… 

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12:58:16 From Holly Flauto: Nice talk! 

13:00:17 From Lisa Heggum: Thanks so much, all. This has been great. 

13:00:26 From Kimberly Trusty: That was so useful. Thanks all!