CUI wins 2019 CIP Award for Planning Excellence

CUI is proud to receive the 2019 CIP Award for Planning Excellence together with our partners at the City of Toronto and Swerhun Inc. for our work on the TOcore: Downtown Community Services and Facilities Strategy. This groundbreaking Strategy supports the goal of achieving complete communities that are healthy, liveable, safe and accessible within Toronto’s fast-growing downtown.

The TOcore CS&F Strategy is a reference document for planners, service providers and stakeholders to link capital planning for the provision of community services and facilities to the development approvals process. It sets out a comprehensive, collaborative approach to ensuring that space for the provision of community services keeps pace with growth and that no community service space or facilities are lost as a result of development.

The Strategy reflects a number of innovative solutions for service provision space in each of the five community service sectors – schools, child care, libraries, recreation and human services and the Downtown’s municipal, agency and community partners.

CUI has been building capacity for healthy communities since 1990 and so it is fitting that we are part of a team winning CIP’s Healthy Communities Planning Award. This category recognizes plans that focus on community-level plans for the built, natural, and/or social environment, which exemplify the CIP Healthy Communities Policy.

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