Diane Dyson

Senior Director, Research

Diane has led, written, edited, and advised on stacks of research reports, program interventions, and strategic frameworks. She has led partnerships and chaired collaborations. And she is still focused on the same issues. Diane brings with her both lived experience and a professional background in non-profits, around funding and grant selection, academic partnerships, and in community.  Diane understands barriers and opportunity are built into the structures underpinning these places we live and the people and institutions within them. She has a proven record moving ideas from the page to policy impact. Research must go beyond “awfulizing” to offer solutions fixed in equity, action, and social change.  A nimble thinker and actor, Diane has worked on everything from the tiny (bedbugs) to the sizeable (community hubs, renewal of commercial districts, and mapping payday lenders) to equity-focused and placed-based interventions (resilience, poverty reduction, neighbourhood vitality, and service coordination partnerships). A plain-spoken nerd, Diane likes to Tweet. She also speaks a few languages – badly.